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Country of Origin: Norway

Kaldblodstraver Horse


Also called the Coldblooded Trotter & the Coldblooded Traveling Rail, the Kaldblodstraver is a hardy coldblood animal that is popular for racing in Norway.


This breed is based on Døle bloodlines which was refined with lighter breeds to create a faster, smoother running horse. It should be noted, that there are very few if any other coldblooded trotters. They differ physically as they are smaller and more powerfully built which makes them slower than most trotters, but more suited to Norwegian conditions. Due to this, they are generally only raced in nearby Scandinavian countries.

These animals were widespread in Norway until the 2nd World War. After that & the motorization of agriculture their numbers decreased by 75% in 50 years. Today their numbers are dreadfully low.


Average height 13.3 – 16.2 hands


Well mannered and willing

Kaldblodstraver Horse

Image from Don Wright


Riding horse


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Country of Origin: Norway |
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