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Henson Horse

Country of Origin: France

Henson Horse

Image from Raphodon


Also called the Somme Bay Horse, the Henson Horse was bred specifically with the goal of creating a versatile riding horse that was homogenous in color & character.

Henson Horse

Image from eve4steph


The Henson Horse comes from the marshlands of the Bay of Somme in northern France. This is a rustic breed that was created in the 1970’s by a non-profit organization. This breed is a cross between Norwegian Fjord ponies and a wide variety of saddle horses. The Fjord breed provided their dun coloring and a sturdy robustness & the saddle horses passed along height & livelier movement.


Average height 15 – 15.3 hands


Head is average in size with a straight or slightly concave profile
Eyes are finely shaped & lined with black
Neck is large at the base and tapers to the head
Shoulders are long & straight
Legs are short with strong joints

Traditional Colors



Riding horse

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Henson Horse Studs

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Country of Origin: France | Colors:
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