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Cerbat Mustang Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Cerbat Mustang

Image from J.harwood


The Cerbat Mustang comes from the Cerbat Mountain area of northwestern Arizona & their numbers are dangerously low (like less than 50).


These animals come from the mounts brought from Spain by Conquistador explorers, whether they escaped or were set free is unknown. The horses have been in the area for as long as any of the local people & due to their geographically isolated habitat very little outside blood was ever introduced.

Although they had been there as long as anyone could remember in 1971 a drought in the area forced farmers to hunt these wild horses driving them to near extinction.

A local rancher soon regretted this decision & took steps to remedy the problem. He captured around 20 of the remaining animals, branded & registered them. The captured animals were split up and taken to several locations for release & breeding.

Intense selective breeding was established to save the remaining strains of the Cerbat blood. Genetic testing has proven the markers of Spanish blood (although heavily inbred with their small numbers).


Average height 14.2 – 15 hands
Extremely hardy & surefooted


Head is similar to Andalusian
Ears are small & curved
Eyes are wide set
Chest is narrow
Back is short
Hindquarters are sturdy, deep & powerful
Legs are well boned
Feet are excellent with thick walls

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay | roan


Intelligent & quick to learn
Willing an social


Riding horse
Endurance horse
Eventing horse

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