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Australian Warmblood Horse

Country of Origin: Australia


A breed in its infant stages, the Australian Warmblood is a sport horse bred to meet the high standards of many of their European counterparts.


The Australian Warmblood Horse Association (AWHA) was founded in the early 1970’s & began its existence as the German Warmblood Horse Association. This was all based around an imported grey Holsteiner stallion.

In 1985 the AWHA adopted uniform breeding quidelines, based closely on European practices but adapted for Australian conditions.

Classic Sport Horse

The Australian Warmblood is bred to maintain a strong line of all around sport horses, not to maintain any specific bloodlines. Because of this animals of many different warmblood breeds can be registered based on their ability rather than specific confirmation traits.


Average height 15 – 17 hands


Varies from animal to animal

Traditional Colors

All solid colors


High energy animal with a calm focus on work


Sport horses
Eventing horses
Driving horse

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Country of Origin: Australia | Colors:
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