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Selle Français Horse

Country of Origin: France

Selle Français


Also called Cheval Demi sang du Centre, French Saddle Horse & French Half-Blood, the Selle Français is the result of many years of selective breeding.

Selle Français


This breed was centuries in the making, the French found a passion for testing & perfecting the sport horse.

First named a breed in 1958, the first stud book was established in 1965 and created by crossing regional breeds with trotters, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Anglo-Arabian & Anglo-Norman animals. Each contribution came from well documented stock creating one of the few warmbloods to receive very little foreign blood. The most influential breed was the Anglo-Norman and about 90% of todays French Saddle Horses have lineage in that breed.

Today there is more cross-breeding with other bloodlines creating a more versatile animal. This breed is notable within the warmbloods due to the strong influence of trotting breeds.

Inspection of animals for registration includes

1. Jumping Ability – 30%
2. Confirmation – 40%
3. Movement – 30%


Average height 16 hands or larger
Athletic & robust


Due to their diverse origins their confirmation can vary however selection leans toward large sizes & well-built confirmation.
Head is refined & attractive
Neck is long & elegant
Chest is deep
Body is strong
Hindquarters are broad & powerful

Traditional Colors

Predominately chestnut, but all colors are acceptable


Gentle & affectionate
Competitive & willing
Intelligent & tractable


Eventing horse
Show horse
Pleasure horse

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