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Silesian Horse

Country of Origin: Poland

Silesian Horse


The Silesian or Slaski Horse was developed around the turn of the 19th century and bred in Lower Silesia in Poland.


They come from a cross between Oldenburg, East Friesian and local halfbred stock. The result was perhaps the largest warmblood in Europe at the time, an animal that was useful for pulling carts & light agriculture. The second World War slowed down their breeding, but unlike many others didn’t have much of an affect on the Silesian and their breeding continued post war.

Unlike many of the other heavier breeds, these animals are still versatile enough to be used in a variety of capacities and while their numbers are low there is a solid herd of pure animals.


Average height 15.1 – 16 hands

Traditional Colors

black | bay


Balanced character


Light draft

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Country of Origin: Poland | Colors: ,
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