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Dutch Draft Horse

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Dutch Draft Horse


Similar in build to the Belgian Draft, the Dutch Draft was created using their blood along with the lineage of Zeeland and Ardennes animals.


The Royal Society of the Dutch Draft Horse was formed in 1914 and the purpose was to breed a massive horse with a strong build. Today this is the heaviest of all the Dutch breeds. Unfortunately, like the other draft breeds, the advent of mechanization has quieted their demand and caused a decline in their numbers.


Average height 16 hands
Lively for their size


Head has straight profile
Ears are short & lively
Chest is strongly muscled
Hindquarters are large and well built
Legs are stocky & muscular
Feet are solid & sound

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Exceptionally quiet disposition

Dutch Draft Horse Products


Heavy farming work


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Country of Origin: Netherlands | Colors: , , ,
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