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Canadian Cutting Horse

Country of Origin: Canada

Canadian Cutting Horse3


Canada has no indigenous horse breeds, but has long been known for breeding quality animals of many different types. The Canadian Cutting Horse is a recognized Canadian type.


Based largely on the American Quarter Horse which they resemble in most aspects. Their principal job is working cattle and they are well suited for this task. Whether this task is accomplished on the ranch or in the show ring.


Average height 15 – 16 hands
Quick, athletic & agile
Can match Quarter horse speed at short distances


Well proportioned head with straight or convex profile
Eyes are intelligent & kind
Ears are mobile & alert
Neck is nicely sloped and well set
Shoulders are sloping & powerful
Chest is broad & deep
Hindquarters are powerful & muscular
Legs are short & strong with hard tendons
Feet are well-shaped & sound

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


Intelligent, calm & willing
Easy to train & even tempered


Cattle horse
Ranch horse
Cutting horse
Show horse

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Where to Buy

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