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Mecklenburg Horse

Country of Origin: Germany

Mecklenburg Horse


The Mecklenburg horse comes from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region of north east Germany & during the Franco-German War in the late 19th century they were used primarily as war horses.


However after war needs were over the government cancelled their sponsorship of breeding programs. Many local breeders crossed with other breeds to develop specific traits, the English Thoroughbred for riding horses and drafts like Suffolk Paunch for heavier working animals.

By the late 19th century pure members of the Mecklenburg breed were almost extinct and an attempt was made to import new warmblood stock to help preserve their lines. Crosses with Oldenburg, Holsteiner, Danish Warmblood and mostly Hanoverian (who shares common blood ties) were imported for breeding programs.

Their breeding continued for military use until the second World War ended and again their need war time needs were finished. After the middle of the 20th century they had again been crossed with English Thoroughbred and some Trakehaner blood to develop them as riding horses.


Average height 15.2 – 17 hands


Head is medium
Neck is strong & muscular
Back is straight
Legs are strong with good bone structure & well formed joints

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Calm & easy to work with

Mecklenburg Horse


Riding horse
Sport horse


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