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Conestoga Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Conestoga Horse

Conestoga Wagon by Newbold Hough Trotter


The Conestoga Horse was developed in the US during the 18th & early 19th centuries for pulling the famous Conestoga wagons that were produced in Lancaster County, PA.


The area was originally settled by people from the upper Rhine country, Switzerland and France who were hardworking farmers. Some brought livestock with them and others were imported with the sole purpose of tending the land. Because the land was fertile the animals were well-kept and became very well suited for their tasks.

There was no selective breeding, this breed was shaped by breeding of necessity & natural selection. Later as more settlers came to the area these same animals were needed for heading further west. This began the need for the Conestoga wagon and the name of the Conestoga horse.

Unfortunately the animal’s legacy didn’t last as long as that of the wagons, which can still be seen in museums. While the animals bred to pull them can only be found in old artwork by default.


Could be up to 17 hands


Pulling wagons
Agriculture horse

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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