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Giara Horse

Country of Origin: Italy

Giara Horse

Image from docpap


The Giara horse native to the island of Sardinia, Italy and they are found on a large, basalt plateau in the south of the island. Recently a small number of animals have been re-introduced into other parts of Sardinia in the hopes of growing their numbers.


The origins of this breed are uncertain, some say that they came from Greek animals in the 5th or 4th century BC. However fossil records indicate that horses have been domesticated by people on the island since close to 6000 BC.

These animals lived in the wild all over Sardinia until the Middle Ages & for the most part they were completely isolated which protected their bloodlines. The animals are raised semi-feral and live of family groups that keep to their own territory.


Average height 11.3 – 12.2


Head is square
Eyes are slightly slanted
Neck is thick
Chest is narrow
Tail is bent & low

Traditional Colors

chestnut | black | bay


Strong character & tend to be restless

Giara Horse

Image from CharlesFred


Preserving bloodlines
Riding horse

Giara Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Italy | Colors: , ,
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