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Friesian Sporthorse

Country of Origin: USA

Friesian Sporthorse


This is a relatively new breed and one that successfully combines the athleticism and endurance of the warmblood with the showy beauty & expressive gaits of the Friesian. The registry accepts 25% – 100% Friesian blood.


Due to their flashy looks and noble bearing people have long been using Friesian blood to improve, refine and create new breeds. The US has a long history of adopting breeds and adapting them to suit specific purposes & their interest in the Friesian has grown over the past decades & the attempt to create a sport horse with Friesian characteristics was a natural progression.

This cross is particularly popular for dressage and driving animals where they tend to excel.


Average height 15.1 – 16.3 hands


Because a number of warmblood bloodlines are added, there are not specific physical characteristics. Many of the animals will retain an amount of the Friesian’s showy qualities.

Traditional Colors

Black & other solid colors


Bright & friendly
Easy to work with


Show Horse

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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