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Jielin Horse

Country of Origin: China



The Jielin Horse comes from the Baicheng, Changchun & Sipling Districts of China which is an agricultural area that is very suitable for horse breeding.


The horses in this area originally came from Mongolia & small in stature. However their small size did not meet the local agricultural requirements. After the 1950’s local bred Ardennes & Don animals were crossed with local stock to provide some height & bulk.

This produced both heavy & light types of the breed which were then carefully cross bred with each other. In 1962 a suitable stallion was named the flagship stud and the new breed was established, it was officially recognized in the late 1970’s.


Average height 15 hands


Head is medium in size
Body is massive in construction

Traditional Colors

chestnut | black | bay


Good natured & obedient
Docile & dependable


Riding horse
Improving local breeds

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Country of Origin: China | Colors: , ,
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