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Oromo Horse

Country of Origin: Ethiopia

Oromo Horse


Also known as the Abyssinian & Gala, the Oromo Horse bloodlines have been diluted with a wide variety of different breeds. However, with all of the dilution they have several characteristic features that manage to persist.


One of the oldest recorded breeds, the Oromo bloodlines come from Ethiopia where they roamed free on the plains for centuries. Over time they spread along the coast of the Red Sea. They were first imported into England in 1861, where they quickly became prized for several of their unique characteristics.

Special Oromo

The Oromo coat is invariably short & harsh, often with rosettes & ridges – similar to Bashkir animals, but with short hair. They also have a tendency to grow a mustache around their nose & Oromo’s often have green eyes (the genetic reason for this is unknown). Dedicated breeders & enthusiasts today attempt to retain these unique qualities in their animals.


Average height 13 -14 hands
Bred for strength & agility as mountain pack/ work horses


Because of the high level of dilution, these animals come in all shapes & sizes. There is no breed standard per se
Coat is short & coarse, often with rosettes

Traditional Colors

All colors


Strong & willing, these are hot weather animals bred as workhorses


Work horses
Pleasure horse
Show horse


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Country of Origin: Ethiopia | Colors:
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