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Hungarian Draft Horse

Country of Origin: Hungary

Hungarian Draft


There is not a coldblooded horse native to Hungary, however during the 18th century draft animals were brought with them. These larger & more robust animals were particularly valuable to a land filled with lighter animals and were often traded for. These animals became known as the Hungarian Coldblood, Magyar Hidegveru and Hungarian Draft.


Once the local people began to breed them, two distinct types emerged. the Pinkafo or Pinkafeld which is a large, massive type and the Murakoz which was smaller & more agile. The local farmers prized the animals as they were much better suited to work the land than the smaller native animals and they fought to continue promoting the breed. The Government actually protested the continued breeding programs which persisted well into the 20th century into war time.

After the second World War a lack of draft animals led to a quick attempt at regenerating stock by importing Belgian & French Ardennais animals.


Average height 15 – 17 hands


Head is heavy with a slightly convex profile
Neck is short & muscular
Back is short & wide
Chest is well muscled & deep
Legs are short & brawny with good joints & feathering
Hooves tend to be flat
Mane & tail are rich & thick

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay | dun | roan | chestnut with a flaxen gene.


Quiet & eager to work



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