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American Indian Horse

Country of Origin: USA

American Indian Horse

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Also known as Cow Pony, Buffalo horse, Mustang, Indian pony, Cayuse & Spanish pony, the American Indian horse’s descendants were brought to the Americas by Spanish conquistadors. Many of the animals that were left behind became the feral horses of the US today, while others were adopted & bred by various indigenous tribes.


The American Indian Horse Registry (AIHR) was established in 1961 to preserve & document the pedigrees of Native American horses in the hopes of preserving their unique bloodlines.

5 Classifications of American Indian Horse

Class O
Bred to preserve original bloodlines (not conform to breed standards). Any horse registered since 1979 has direct bloodline connections to one of various tribes. They can also be registered with Spanish Mustang Registry & Southwest Spanish Mustang Association.

Class AA
Must have at least one Class O parent. Some of the BLM horses qualify for this classification.

Class A
Have unknown pedigrees, most BLM horses qualify under this classification.

Class M
Include modern bloodlines, one parent may be registered under another breed registry.

Class P
For ponies of Indian horse type & Galiceno, POA, Welsh & Shetland blood may be in their pedigrees. This class also includes ponies of unknown ancestry.


Average height 13 – 15 hands


Because breeding for bloodlines is often more important than conformation, this breed will vary physically.

Traditional Colors

All colors


Temperament varies depending upon bloodlines.

American Indian Horse

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