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Mangalarga Paulista Horse

Country of Origin: Brazil

Mangalarga Paulista Horse


The Mangalarga Pulista is a breed that was developed from the Mangalarga Marchador breed in Brazil, so their history is virtually the same.

Mangalarga Paulista Horse

Image from gdjunqueira


Essentially the Marchador breed was developed initially some of them were crossed with English Thoroughbred & Anglo-Arabian animals. The result of these specific crosses produced a handsome animal, but one that didn’t possess the smooth gaits characteristic of the Marchador.


Average height 15 hands


Head is well proportioned with a straight profile
Eyes are large & expressive

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey


Calm & good natured
Intelligent & docile

Mangalarga Paulista Horse

Image from gdjunqueira


Cattle horse
Riding horse
Sport mount


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Country of Origin: Brazil | Colors: ,
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