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Turkoman Horse

Country of Origin: Turkmenistan

Turkoman Horse

Akhal-Teke image from Kerri-Jo


Also called the Turk, Turkmene, Turkmen & Turkmenian, the ancient Turkoman breed is thought to be extinct in its pure form. Horses bred in Turkmenistan are still called by the same name, however the purest descendants of this ancient breed are the Barb, Akhal-Teke & Iomud. Of the three the Akhal-Teke (pictured above) breeding has been kept the purest and probably the closest to actual Turkoman blood.

However, sources tell me that relatively pure Turkoman horses do still exist in small pockets in Iran. Although, the Akhal-Teke in Pakistan comes from the Turkoman they developed as lighter animals used by archers on the battlefield. The Turkoman breed was a more robust animal built for carrying heavily armed soldiers into battle – this build remains in the breed of today.


Average height 15 – 16 hands


Head is well proportioned with a straight profile
Neck is long & lean
Back is long & straight
Chest is deep
Shoulder is long, muscular & sloping
Legs are long & slender but very strong with broad joints
Hooves are small & strong

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Spirited & Intelligent
Bold & honest


Riding horse

Turkoman Horse Products

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