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Horse breeds from Turkmenistan



The Yabou or Yaboo comes from the Turkoman steppes and has long been used as a pack animal. In fact, the name Yabou is often used to refer to a pauper’s horse or a nag. However, as with every breed there is more than meets the eye, they share lineage with Turkoman animals which makes them incredibly & well suited to their climate.


In fact, this is an kind and useful animal who can carry great weights and amble or pace with efficient speed. Interestingly enough, genetic studies have shown them to be related more closely to the English Thoroughbred than they are to the other Turkoman strains (or the Arabian).

The Yabou’s are not bred by the Turkoman, they are purchased from gypsies who live in neighboring mountainous forest areas.


Neck is set lower than most Turkoman breeds
Mane & tail are thick
Body is narrow
Shoulders are powerful

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The Turanian Horse

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Turkoman Horse

Akhal-Teke image from Kerri-Jo


Also called the Turk, Turkmene, Turkmen & Turkmenian, the ancient Turkoman breed is thought to be extinct in its pure form. Horses bred in Turkmenistan are still called by the same name, however the purest descendants of this ancient breed are the Barb, Akhal-Teke & Iomud. Of the three the Akhal-Teke (pictured above) breeding has been kept the purest and probably the closest to actual Turkoman blood.

However, sources tell me that relatively pure Turkoman horses do still exist in small pockets in Iran. Although, the Akhal-Teke in Pakistan comes from the Turkoman they developed as lighter animals used by archers on the battlefield. The Turkoman breed was a more robust animal built for carrying heavily armed soldiers into battle – this build remains in the breed of today.



Also called the Iomudskaya & the Yamud, the Iomud comes from Turkmenistan and is a descendant of the ancient Turkmenian breed that was developed by the Iomud tribe in southern Turkmenia.



With the exception of the Yabou, the Goklan horse is the heaviest descendant of the old Turanian horse that was bred by the Goklan Turkoman that border Iran. This is a mountainous region, so these animals were well-suited for difficult footing.

Akhal-Teke Horse

Image from Kerri-Jo


Known for their greyhound-like appearance & coats that often gleam with a metallic shimmer, the Akhal-Teke horse is one of the easiest breeds to recognize by sight. They are quite simply built for speed & stamina in hot weather.

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