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Basque Pony

Country of Origin: France, Spain

Basque Pony

Image from Pottoka


Also called Pottok & Pottoka, the Basque Ponies are left to live wild in the Pyrenees of the Basque Country in Spain & France. The last Wednesday of January they are rounded up, their numbers cut for market & the remaining animals are branded, then released again.

Basque Pony

Image from Pottoka


This is a small ancient pony breed that has roamed wild in the Pyrenees for centuries & may date back 10,000 years. They are thought to be descendant of the Magdalenian horses of 14,000 – 7,000 B.C. Rapid growth to maturity helps these animals survive the harsh climate in which they live, they are fully grown by the time they are 2 years of age.

Early in the 20th century Basque ponies were used as pit ponies in French & British mines. Later, their mild temperament & easy nature made them popular as children’s mounts. Arabian & Welsh pony blood has been introduced to the breed for further refinement as riding ponies.

Modern Basque Pony

Today these sturdy ponies are protected & efforts are being taken to preserve their ancient bloodlines. They were the first Basque horse breed to be included in the list of indigenous Basque breeds requiring conservation efforts in June 1995. Sadly, their status was classified as endangered.

There are several reserves dedicated to protect the pony in its native environment, although there is debate about how best to grow their low numbers. Purists don’t want to add outside blood, while others want selective crossbreeding to build numbers. Although there is some cross-breeding, the French plan to preserve the breed & keep a number of stock that is to remain of pure blood.


Average height 11.2 – 13 hands
Hardy & easy to care for


Large head with short ears & lively eyes
Neck is short
Back is long
Legs are strong
Hooves are small & hard

Traditional Colors

black | bay | pinto


Docile & kind
Willing & even-tempered

Basque Pony

Image from Pottoka


Performing ponies
Riding pony
Competition pony

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