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Bashkir Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Bashkir Horse

Image from Kersti_Nebelsiek


Native to the unforgiving climate in the steppe regions south of the Ural Mountains, the Bashkir horse is by nature an incredibly tough animal. Enduring long cold winters & short hot summers.

Bashkir Horse

Image from Steffe


This is an ancient breed that has been bred for centuries by the Bashkiri people. Domestic breeding of horses was an established practice long before Mongols appeared in the area. While the blood of the Mongol horses may have been introduced to the Bashkir, it is not the foundation of the breed.

The Bashkir horse bloodline is descendant of the steppe horses from western Asia. The effect of their specific climate created characteristics which differ from other breeds that share the same ancestors, they are much heavier in build.

Many Uses

The mares are used heavily for milk production from April to August every year. During this time, foals are kept from the mares during the day so they can be milked, then allowed to feed at night. This has had an adverse effect on the development of the young animals & the breed in general suffers in quality because of it.

Cross breeding with a number of different bloodlines has been attempted, however crosses with lighter breeds rarely retain the hardiness of the Bashkir blood.

2 Recognized Types

Both types of the breed have a very high work tolerance & are known for their hardiness under saddle.

Mountain type – smaller draft-type.
Steppe type – tallier and of lighter build saddle- harness-type.

The Bashkir has an obvious link to the American Bashkir, which is obviously of the same origin. The American Curlies are thought to have been first noticed in mustangs in the early 19th century, making their feral existence on the North American continent a mystery.


Average height 13.1 – 14 hands
Versitile & useful
Healthy & well adapted for its habitat


Massive head
Short, fleshy neck
Broad back
Chest is deep & broad
Legs are short & bony
Coat is long & curly
Mane and tail is thick & grows long with winter coat

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay | grey | dun | roan


Strong & sensible with a good disposition


Riding horse
Draft horse

Bashkir Horse Products

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