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Cheval d’Auvergne

Country of Origin: France

Auvergne Horse

Image from Stephanemartin


A robust and hardy animal, the Auvergne horse still bears the look of a war horse. Like many draft-types, the advent of machinery created dwindling numbers however there are recent efforts to keep their bloodlines going.

Auvergne Horse

Image from jourand


This breed dates back to sometime around the year 732 when animals of Eastern origins were left in the Auvergne.

These animals are well-adapted to life on rugged mountain terrain and maintain a hardy constitution that is resistant to disease & weather.

In the 17th century the breed was divided into two branches.

War Horse Model – To get a robust animal fit for battle English Thoroughbred & Anglo-Arab blood was added. This type eventually lost the original qualities of the Auvergne breed. Their breeding was discontinued.

Agriculture Horse Model – These animals were bred specifically for use on farms and managed to remain handy enough to survive. They saw their heyday in the late 18th & early 19th centuries.

More recently their numbers have seen decline as their usefulness has waned. There are, however, associations dedicated to rebuilding the breed and preserving their legendary qualities.


Average height 14.2 – 15.2 hands
Incredibly sure-footed


Head is short with straight profile
Eyes are bright and almond shaped
Neck is round and short
Mane & tail are thick and wavy
Feet are round and sound

Traditional Colors

All colors (but no white patterns)


Docile & energetic
Social, hardy and versatile

Auvergne Horse


War horse
Agriculture work
Riding horse
Leisure horse


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