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British Spotted Pony

Country of Origin: England

British Spotted Pony

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The British Spotted Pony is not an appaloosa horse, they are thought to be native to the British Isles.

British Spotted Pony

Image from Aquarioland


Spotted ponies have been in the British Isles for centuries and it is unknown if they were on the islands before humans arrived or brought during the First Crusade from Europe.

The likeness of spotted animals has been found in many illustrated manuscripts and artwork in Britan. They all but disappeared during the Tudor period art, falling out of fashion when the Spanish horses came in vogue.

There was continued breeding in small areas to preserve the native pony bloodlines and they later became fashionable again, during the Victorian era.

The British Spotted Horse and Pony Society was founded in 1946 to preserve their ancient DNA and document their bloodlines.

In 1977 the society was split and seperate registries was established for the horse and the pony.


Average height up to 14.2 hands
Leopard gene characteristics typical of these ponies


Head has character and a straight profile, bold eyes and small ears
Neck is medium length and lean
Back is strong and sloping
Legs are are strong and lean
Feet are well-shaped and dense

Traditional Colors

All leopard patterns


Hardy and active with pony character

British Spotted Pony


Riding pony
Show pony
Pleasure pony
Driving pony

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Country of Origin: England | Colors:
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