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Baikal Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Baikal Horse


The Baikal is a small horse from the region of Lake Baikal that borders with Mongolia. The Baikal is not a breed in itself, more of a type, used for all needs of the region. They have been a part of the area for as long as people can remember.

Baikal Horse


The Baikal is used for light work, transport & tourism where a visitors can rent horses along with a house. It is a tough small horse that is capable of handling rough trails & tough weather.


The Baikal is based on the Mongolian horse with many similar features.


Head is medium in size with a straight profile
Neck is short & widely connected at the shoulder
Back is short & sturdy
Tail is low-set
Legs are thin & long with strong joints
Feet are hard & compact


Quiet & trustworthy

Baikal Horse


Trail horse
Riding horse


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Country of Origin: Russia |
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