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Sardinian Anglo-Arab

Country of Origin: Italy

Sardinian Anglo-Arab


As the name suggests, the Anglo-Arabo-Sardo or Sardinian Anglo-Arab comes from the island of Sardinia in Italy.


It is not known how the first horses came to Sardinia, but there are several theories as to the breed’s ancestors. The most commonly believed theory suggests that the original bloodlines came from Asia via Greek imports in the 4th & 5th centuries BC.

Subsequent invasions brought new blood to the island but breeding was fairly controlled, altough some Arabian & Andalusian infusions were allowed.

Modern Sardinian Anglo-Arab

Modern breeding of the Anglo-Arab began when Thoroughbred & Arabian/ Thoroughbred cross stallions were imported into the area. They were crossed with native mares – keeping the Arabian blood above 25%.

The resulting animal has the speed & athletic ability of the Thoroughbred, along with the durability & remarkable intelligence of the Arabian. There are three different types, registered based on their height.


Average height 15 – 16.1 hands
Fast & durable


Head is light & short with a straight profile
Wide eyes & large nostrils
Ears are small & mobile
Neck is light & well attached
Chest is ample & muscular
Sloped shoulder
Legs are strong, but not heavy
Hooves are well-proportioned

Traditional Colors

Most commonly bay, sorrel & grey


Often have a fiery temper
Intelligent, but can be stubborn


Show horse
Riding horse


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