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Einsiedler Horse

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Einsiedler Horse

Image from Böhringer


Also known as the Swiss Halfbred or the Swiss Warmblood, the Einsiedler comes from Switzerland and is named for the Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln where it has been lovingly bred since 1064.


The first official stud book was opened in 1655 and in it were some unwise crosses so a second, more comprehensive stud book was developed in 1784. They have long been a popular Swiss cavalry mount because of their versatility and free action. In fact, this breed is significant throughout Swiss equine history, however they have changed considerable throughout the years.

More recently in the 19th century Anglo-Norman, Yorkshire Coach Horse & Holsteiner have been added for their athleticism and sporting qualities. Today the Einsiedler is a strongly-built Anglo-Norman type with nice conformation, and solid athletic ability.


Average height 15.2 to 16.2 hands


Head is small with a straight, slightly convex profile
Ears are expressive
Eyes are alert & expressive
Chest is deep & well muscled
Legs are long and hard with short cannons

Traditional Colors

All solid colors


High energy but manageable
Intelligent and alert


Riding horse
Carriage horse

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Country of Origin: Switzerland | Colors:
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