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American Albino Horse

Country of Origin: USA

American Albino Horse

Image from Kersti Nebelsiek


It should be noted that albinism is fatal in equines, a pure albino is a result of lethal white genes from both parents & will rarely live past birth. American Albino (also called American Cream & White) horses are white, but not technically albino genetically.


The American Albino is a color which has been given registry as a breed in the United States. The breed started by recognizing the offspring of a white stallion named Old King, who had a record of producing white foals out of solid-colored mares.

The ancestry of Old King is not known, but he was thought to have been of Arabian or Morgan descent due to confirmation similarities. He was initially bred to Morgan mares & in 1936 the American Albino registry was created to track his bloodlines & breeding records.

Modern Creams

In 1937 the American Albino Horse Club (now called the American White & American Creme Horse Registry) was formed & their sole objective was to preserve the pedigrees & promote interest for the different types of American Albino horses.

The Color

Despite their name, American Albinos are not albino, but chestnut animals affected by a champagne dilution gene. This genetic combination creates creamy white animals with freckles & light eyes.


Average height 15 hands
Pink skin & pure white hair


Will vary depending on the breed
Stunning white coat

Traditional Colors

Always chestnut with a champagne dilution gene.


Excellent disposition


Can be found in almost any discipline.

Helpful Links

American White & American Creme Horse Registry


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