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Appaloosa Sport Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Leopard Appaloosa


The Appaloosa Sport Horse was created in the USA with the intention of creating a European style sport horse with the bold appaloosa coloring.


This cross was achieved by crossing Appaloosa coloring with the athletic qualities of Trekehners. The result is a beautifully colored animal, larger & with finer lines than the original appaloosa.

To register with the Appaloosa Sport Horse Association animals must possess either a recognizable appaloosa coat pattern; mottled skin & white sclera and/or striped hooves; or proof that one parent was a characteristic appaloosa.


Head is erect & attractive
Display characteristic white sclera & speckled mouth
Neck is long and well-arched
Shoulder is oblique and withers high
Back is long with rounded croup
Muscular hindquarters
Elegant & strong legs

Traditional Colors

Appaloosa color patterns


Strong and willing
Good team player
Tenacious and tough


Show horses
Eventing horses
Pleasure horses

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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