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Mura Horse

Country of Origin: Hungary



Also called the Mur Island Medjimurski, Murakoz & the Murakosi, the Mura was once quite a popular working horse in Hungary, however today their numbers are very low.


Developed around the start of the 20th century primarily in southern Hungary near the river Mura. Created by crossing native Hungarian mares with Percheron, Ardennais, Noriker & Hungarian Half-bred stallions.

The second World War was particularly hard on this breed and their numbers becomes dangerously low. Belgian Ardennes stallions were introduced in an attempt to preserve the few pure numbers left.

There are two recognized types within the breed, one slightly taller & more robust and the other smaller with more refined confirmation.


Average height 16 hands


Head is long and heavy with a slightly convex profile
Eyes are large & expressive
Ears are long
Neck is short, muscular & crested
Back is short & broad
Legs are short & sturdy with large, tough joints
Feet are round & well shaped

Traditional Colors

chestnut with flaxen mand & tail | grey | bay | black

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Country of Origin: Hungary | Colors: , , , ,
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