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Clydesdale Horse

Country of Origin: Scotland

Clydesdale Horse

Image from Kersti_Nebelsiek


Most famous for their role as the mascot for Budweiser Beer, the Clydesdale is best known dressed up for show. White feathered feet and solid stature infuses the Clydesdale horse with a wise and regal look.

Clydesdale Horse

Image from Kersti_Nebelsiek


The Clydesdales origins lie in Clyde Valley, Scotland. Founded between 1715 and 1720 when the 6th Duke of Hamilton imported Flemish horses in an attempt to improve the existing lines of work horses.

Through many years of selective breeding to ensure proper lineage the Clydesdale blood was diluted with Shire blood in an attempt to further refine the breed. The Shire and the Clydesdale are very similar horses in looks and bloodlines.

One of the most successful of the heavy breeds, the Clydesdale went on to become very influential and it’s bloodlines have spread worldwide.


Average height 16.2 hands
Large and active
Renown for high-stepping leg action made all the flashier by their dramatic feathering
Longer hind legs than most draft breeds


High quality feet, flat and open, now more suited for walking hard surfaces than plowing
Long well formed legs
Long, crested neck
High withers
Silky feather on backs of legs
Straight profile, handsome head

Traditional Colors:

black | grey | bay | roan | pinto


Brave and friendly
Bright, active and attractive enough to be very versatile

Clydesdale Horse


Show horse
Forestry work
Patrol horses
Parade horses

Clydesdale Products

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