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Rottaler Horse

Country of Origin: Germany



The Rottaler or Rottal is a native breed of lower Bavaria in southeast Germany & is the only indigenous breed of Bavaria. Their name comes from the Rott River which runs through the area.


This breed goes back to the turn of the 10th century when after repeated raids by the Huns the Bavarian people were finally able to drive them off. Many of their animals were left behind and the local farmers simply added them to their dwindling stock. Previously local animals were thicker and came from Tarpan stock, the Hun animals were of Turkoman type, smaller, fiery in spirit and more agile.

The cross of these two types was the foundation for the Rottaler breed which has been bred for many years. It wasn’t until the 18th century that an official studbook was formed & at that time the breed had evolved into a quieter animal used for transportation & military. After the second World War a heavier animal was needed so Oldenburg blood was added for size & strength.

In the 1960’s agriculture had mechanized and needs turned to warmblood animals suitable for sporting & showing. Today the Rottaler is under government protection to keep their bloodlines alive, however this is a very rare breed.


Average height 16 hands

Traditional Colors

All colors except pinto patterns


Quiet & easy to handle


Riding horse
Light agriculture
Cart horse

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Country of Origin: Germany | Colors:
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