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Anglo-Luso Horse

Country of Origin: Portugal


The Anglo-Luso comes from Portugal & began with the crossing of local Lusitano mares with English Thoroughbred stallions. Although many Portuguese people objected to the cross-breeding, considering it a pollution to their purebred animals.


Despite objections, some valued the cross as it united the speed of the Thoroughbred with the courage & tenacity of the Lusitano. The result of the cross is a versatile animal whose physical characteristics tend to resemble that of the Lusitano. The additional agility provided by the Thoroughbred makes this animal highly prized in the bullring.

In keeping the original bloodlines as pure as possible, there is a special section in the Portuguese studbook for the Anglo-Luso.


Average height 15.2 – 16 hands
Beautiful free-flowing action


Straight, elegant profile
Neck is long & well arched
Wide, deep chest with sloping shoulder
Straight & strong back
Short, muscular hindquarters
Legs are healthy & tough
Strong hooves

Traditional Colors

bay | grey | dun | roan | buckskin


Lively & bold
Courageous & true


Show horse
Bullring horse
Pleasure horse

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