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Saxony Warmblood Horse

Country of Origin: Germany

Saxony Warmblood Horse


The Saxony Warmblood is a robust warmblood breed with a much heavier body type than the warmblood sporting horses of today. They are bred in the areas of Saxony & Thuringia, and although they are a heavy in type they are not to be confused with the Saxon-Turinga Coldblood.


Their bloodlines come from East Friesian & Oldenburg animals and they were bred large initially because they were primarily used for agriculture & transportation & artillery hauling.

By the mid to late 20th century the numbers of Saxony Warmblood animals was almost 0 in favor of smaller, more agile sporting types. By 1971 their breeding ended altogether, mechanization of agriculture had rendered them unmarketable. However, the Saxony had some fans and in 1977 a breeding program began to keep their bloodlines alive. Luckily the program was successful and their numbers have grown however the breed is still in danger.


Average height 16 – 16.3 hands


Head is expressive
Neck is medium and well muscled
Shoulder is plain and long

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Riding horse
Carriage horse

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Country of Origin: Germany | Colors: , , ,
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