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Palomino Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Palomino Horse


The Palomino is a color breed and therefore the animals are registered based on possessing specific coloring rather than physical characteristics.

Palomino Horse

Image from jumpinghooves


Palomino coloring is due to a cream dilution gene on a horse with a chestnut base coat & the resulting colors can range from a dark almost liver color to a creamy white all with a white mane & tail. This coloring has been around in equine animals for centuries in all parts of the world, however the US is the first to create a registry specifically for them.

How this color came to be called Palomino is a mystery, however it did come from Spain, whether through a family of golden horse breeders or from the name of a golden Spanish grape. (Although it is called Isabella in Spain after the Queen Isabella).

The cream dilution gene doesn’t occur in all breeds and can generally be achieved by crossing a chestnut with a palomino.


Average height 14.1 – 17 hands


Physical characteristics will vary according to breed

Traditional Colors

Palomino from the display of a cream dilution gene.

Palomino Horse

Image from Carrot Mama


Riding horse
Show horse
Parade horse

Palomino Horse Products

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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