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Kiso Horse

Country of Origin: Japan

Kiso Horse

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The Kiso Horse has been in Japan for over a millennia and in the past was an indispensable aide to the people for agriculture & transportation. Their name comes from the Kiso river that runs through the area where they originated.

Kiso Horse

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The exact origins of most Japanese horses are unknown & the Kiso is no different. They are believed to have come from the plateau horses of central Asia or the Mongolian horses of the grasslands.

Breeding of the Kiso has been invariably shaped by the face of war and they have been popular mounts for the task for centuries. Unfortunately that meant that purity of lineage was not the objective, it was to produce a war mount so preserving pure animals wasn’t a priority.

Fortunately some of the pureblooded animals persevered and since 1976 there is a pedigree registration in the Kaida village at the food of Mt. Ontake.


Average height 13.2 hands


Head is heavy
Neck is short & thick
Legs are short & sturdy
Hooves are well formed and hard

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


Mild & easy going

Kiso Horse

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Kiso Horse Products


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