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Canadian Horse

Country of Origin: Canada

Canadian Horse

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A hardy little horse that is resistant to harsh conditions, the Canadian Horse is considered a national treasure and has been an essential component in settling the territory.

Canadian Horse

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The Canadian Horse bloodlines come from France when they were sent to the New World late in the 17th century. They were of Norman & Breton horses (who were thought to be of Arabian, Andalusian & Barb ancestry) and their characteristics can still be seen in the breed today.

For centuries these animals were bred with little outside influence and were eventually singled out as their own breed. Due to their evolution under harsh weather and scarce food they have become tough animals that are easy to keep. In fact, they are often referred to as The Little Iron Horse.

This tough little animal was valuable as a general utility animal and could be used for everything from plowing to pulling carriages.

Mid 19th century the Canadian horse was found throughout Canada & the US. They were often used to improve other breeds and played an integral part in the development of the Morgan, Tennessee Walking Horse, Standardbred & the American Saddlebred breeds.

As they were exported from Canada their numbers began to dwindle in their native land. An increasing shift to farm machinery also took its toll on their numbers as they were primarily used as farm animals. By the 1870’s there were fewer than 400 left and breeding had hit a standstill & by the end of the decade the breed was fully recognized & protected.

The regeneration efforts paid off and by 1886 a stud book was established and in 1895 the Canadian Horse Breeders Association was formed. The formation of the breeders association renewed interest and in 1907 the Government stepped in and created an improved stud book.

The Canadian Horse has grown in popularity, although they are still classified as having critical numbers.


Average height 14 – 16 hands
Strong and robust


Head is short & finely chiseled
Ears are thin & active
Neck is arched & gracefully attached
Chest is broad & deep
Back is strong & straight
Mane & tails are thick, long & wavy
Legs are strong & sturdy
Feet are well formed & tough

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | bay


Willing & kind
Sensible & sociable
Smart & eager to please

Canadian Horse

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Riding horse
Farm horse
Show horse

Canadian Horse Products

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