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Carthusian Horse

Country of Origin: Spain



Also known as the Carthusian-Andalusian & Carthujano, the Carthusian horse is not a separate breed from the Andalusian but rather a branch of the breed. They are often considered the purest remaining strain of the original Spanish horse.


Considered one of Spain’s most prestigious lines of Spanish horse this breed carries one of the oldest stud books in the world. The foundation sire was a dark grey stallion named Esclavo who was considered to be perfect in every way. Interestingly enough his only flaw was warts under his tail which have come to be the telling mark of a pure Carthusian bloodline.

In addition to the warts, Esclavo passed his admired genetics onto his offspring and in 1736 a group of mares was given to a Carthusian monastery. The remaining stock of this line was absorbed into the Andalusian breed, but those that the monks held remained of pure lineage.

Throughout the following centuries the monks protected the Carthusian bloodlines, refusing to introduce the blood of other breeds.

Today there are continuing efforts to preserve these old bloodlines and they are bred & raised in state-owned stud facilities around Cordoba, Jerez de la Frontera & Badajoz. Sadly they only comprise around 3% of the Andalusian population and their numbers are rare.


Average height 15 – 16 hands
Carthusian animals may also have calcium-like deposits (or baby horns) on their skull (although not a genetic trait of Esclavo).
Almost all members of this breed have good confirmation
Hardy, solid & resistant


Head is light & elegant with slightly convex profile
Ears are small & eyes are large & lively
Neck is well proportioned and arched
Chest is broad & deep
Back is short & broad
Legs are sturdy with clean joints

Traditional Colors

Predominately grey, but chestnut or black can be found.


Noble & mild


Show horse
Riding horse

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