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Yanqi Horse

Country of Origin: China

Yanqi Horse

Image from Richard Towell


The Yanqi comes from several countries in the Xianjiang Autonomous Region of China and they were developed from Mongolian ponies brought to the area during the 13th century.

Later, after the 18th century Don & Orlov Trotter blood was added to improve the breed.

2 Yanqi Types

Basin – lighter in confirmation
Mountin – a more robust animal


Average height 13 – 14 hands


Head is dry with a straight profile
Eyes are large & open
Neck is medium in length & straight
Chest is medium in width & depth
Back is long, straight & narrow
Legs are strong with well developed joints

Traditional Colors

chestnut | black | bay are most common


Spirited & bold
Willing & kind

Yanqi Horse

Image from Richard Towell


Riding horse
Farm work
Milk Production

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Country of Origin: China | Colors: , ,
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