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Cuban Pinto Horse

Country of Origin: Cuba

Cuban Pinto Horse

Image from attila.szantner


The pinto pattern has existed in the Cuban Criollo population for as long as as horses have existed there (since the 15th century).


In 1974 more work was put into genetic improvement of this colorful breed by adding Pinto Criollo, Pinto Quarter Horse & pure pinto English Thoroughbred blood.

The resulting animal is medium in size and compact in build, carrying the tolerance & resilience of the Criollo type, the height & refinement from the Thoroughbred and the well-defined musculature of the Quarter Horse. These animals were hard workers with superb stock working ability.


Average height 14 – 14.3 hands


Medium sized horse with well-defined muscles.

Traditional Colors

Tobiano & overo pinto varieties


Docile & obedient
Intelligent & willing


Cow horse
Riding horse

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Country of Origin: Cuba | Colors:
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