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Choctaw Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Choctaw (Choctaw Traveling Man)


As with any native pony breeds, these animals are descendant from the tough Spanish mounts brought over to the Americas during the 16th century. The Choctaw Horse is named for the Chocktaw tribe that bred them and these animals are highly regarded within their culture.

Choctaw Reignman


By the 18th century the Choctaw people were already welcoming the horse into their daily lives. The ponies represented wealth and were used like money to barter goods, often they were buried with their masters.

Bloodlines were closely guarded and selectively bred with extensive oral pedigrees until early in the 19th century. During this time the native people were systematically being removed from the fertile area of Mississippi they called home and sent to Oklahoma. They took their animals with them, but such a move disrupted the deep tradition that went along with their breeding.

Sadly during the 20th century their numbers declined drastically and by the 1970’s pure blooded animals were all but extinct.

Luckily there are breeding programs in place working tirelessly to keep this lovely breed alive and in the hands of their rightful owners; the tribes of the Chocktaw people.


Average height 13.2 – 14.2 hands
Tough and incredibly resilient

Traditional Colors

All colors


Gentle & kind


War horse
Pack animal
Riding horse

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