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Chilote Pony

Country of Origin: Chile

Chilote Pony

Image from Lin_linao


The Chilote Pony is found on Chiloe Island off southern Chile, a largely undeveloped place. The Spaniards captured the island from the native people in 1567 and controlled it until early in the 19th century.

Chilote Pony

Image from Lin_linao


Genetically unique equine breed due to their fairly extreme physical isolation from South America. This makes them perhaps the purest descendants of the Spanish animals, as their blood has not been diluted with other strains. They are very small, probably more due to habitat than anything, but retain many of the Iberian characteristics.

It is interesting to note that there is no selective breeding practiced, their location alone has kept them pure of blood.

This elusive breed are rarely seen on the Chilean mainland & most of them are domesticated however there are a few feral animals found on islands nearby.


Maximum height 12 hands


Head is wedge-shaped, dished and refined
Small muzzle with large nostrils
Big expressive eyes
Short curved ears
Neck is arched with a refined, clean throatlatch
Body is compact with short back
Tail is high set

Traditional Colors

Grey | Black | Bay | Dun


Kind & docile
Acts more like a horse than a pony


Riding Pony
Light agriculture use

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