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Danish Warmblood Horse

Country of Origin: Denmark

Dutch Warmblood Horse


Breeds native to Denmark have a tendency to be robust and tough, but not necessarily athletic. The necessity arose for an all around eventing animal with more versatility.


Breeding began in 1962 to create a good sporting mount and came from Trakehner, Hanoverian, Holstein & Swedish warmblood lines. The resulting animal has made quite a name for itself and excelled in a number of competition types.

The success of this lively breed comes from many factors, however their strict breeding methods is perhaps the most important. Stallions are selected based on performance standards & specific bloodlines are skillfully imported. Today these animals are exported by the thousands throughout Europe and as far away as Australia & the US.


Average height 15.3 – 17 hands


A variety of bloodlines make their physical characteristics vary widely
Handsome confirmation
Long and rangy build
Good legs & feet

Traditional Colors

Any solid color


Intelligent & willing
Calm disposition


Competition animal
Eventing mount
Riding horse

Danish Warmblood Products

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North American Danish Warmblood Association

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Petersborg Stud Farm


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Country of Origin: Denmark | Colors:
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