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Kuznetsk Horse

Country of Origin: Russia



Organized horse breeding in Siberia didn’t really begin until mid to late 19th century. Before that time local breeds had emerged, the most valuable and well known was the Kuznetsk horse.


The actual origins of this breed are unknown and in fact there has been quite a bit of conflicting information published about them. Sadly a lack of formal records or a selective breeding program created an animal with many conformational faults. While unattractive, they were hard workers and easy keepers.

After breeding programs were established the breed was improved by Orlov Trotter, American Standardbred & Thoroughbred animals. The Kuznetsk horse was taken to all parts of Siberia and their blood used to improve local stock.

Today there are two types, based loosely on where they were bred. Animals in the north were also influenced by Belgian & Anglo-Norman animals making them heavier. In southern animals the influence of the Thoroughbred was much stronger.


Average height 15.3 hands


Draft work
Milk production

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Country of Origin: Russia |
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