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Cleveland Bay Horse

Country of Origin: England

Cleveland Bay Horse

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The oldest breed of horse from Britain originally from the Cleveland area of North East England. The church was principally responsible for keeping the bloodlines and the Cleveland bay type.

Cleveland Bay


Originally bred as pack horses in the Yorkshire Dales and they were locally called Chapman horses. Towards the end of the 17th century an influx of Barb stallions were bred into the Chapman horses bloodlines. The result was a powerful animal often used under harness as well as for pack animals.

In the 18th century the breed grew in size (partially due to better fodder) which increased the scope of the Cleveland Bay’s use as agricultural horses.


16-16.2 hands
Highly versatile
Sound and even tempered
Action is free and long in stride


Head is bold and well carried on the neck
Eyes are large and well set
Legs are muscular with large knees and hocks
Body is deep and wide with deeply muscled shoulders
Feet are one of the most important characteristic, they must be blue in color, large and sound

Traditional Colors:

Must be bay with black points


Strong character
Hardy with intense stamana



Police horse
Show horse
Driving horse
General riding horse

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Country of Origin: England | Colors:
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