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Country of Origin: Argentina


Image from Crystal Holt


Named for the family that developed the breed mid-19th century, the Falabella is a rather unique little animal. It is not a natural breed, but rather comes solely from selective breeding.



Around 1835 in the Argentine meadowlands the Pampas tribes found some unusually small animals among their horses. This attracted the attention of an Irishman who got his hands on some and began an experimental selective breeding program. Around 20 years later he achieved success and had a heard of tiny, perfectly built horses.

This legacy was passed on to the Irishman’s nephew Juan Falabella who utilized small animals from English Thoroughbred, Shetland & Criollo breeds. Through rigorously strict breeding methods Juan was able to further his uncle’s work and produce animals with perfect confirmation under 33 inches.

In 1905 the herd changed hands again to Juan’s son who furthered selective breeding & established the breed standard we go by today. These small small horses retain some of the qualities found in the breeds that make up their genetics. The original tiny tribal horses that sparked the interest were Criollos who had adapted to a harsh environment by reducing body mass over generations.


Average height 6.1 – 7 hands
Disproportionately strong for their size


Don’t have a set confirmation type, they are bred for quality of overall confirmation.

Traditional Colors

All colors


Gentle & docile


Image from Bill Strong



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