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Aralusian Horse

Country of Origin: Spain


Also called the Hispano-Arabe, this is a relatively new breed achieved by crossing the high energy Arabians with the noble Andalusians in equal parts, creating a beautiful, intelligent & versatile cross.


The Aralusian has been bred in Andalusia, Spain since 1800, although the current breed standard wasn’t published until 2002 (& has since been modified). The breed standard is beautiful with high action, notable athletic ability & fine confirmation. The Aralusian is animated & spirited with the strong Arabian motion & the presence of the Andalusian.

Low Numbers

The registry for the Aralusian horse is very small & about 60% of them are found in Andalusia. A more handsome & well-matched cross may not be possible, but their numbers don’t reflect this.


Due to the different bloodlines, there are not distinct physical characteristics to define the breed.
Well-proportioned & harmoniously made.
Mane & tail are long & flowing in both breeds.

Traditional Colors

All colors


Capable & able
Intelligent & alert


Show horse
Pleasure horse
Endurance horse

Helpful Links

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Where To Buy

Spanische Sportpferde
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Country of Origin: Spain | Colors:
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