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Asil Horse

Country of Origin: Iran

Asil Horse

Image from Trescastillos


Named for the region where it is bred in Khuzestan, the bloodlines of the Asil (or purebred Arabian) horse are traditionally bred & kept within local tribes or families.


The actual origins of this horse seems to have several theories & it seems that many of the western interpretations of the history are lost in translation. However rock carvings of horses have been found in the area that date back 5,000 years.

Breeding of these animals was thought to bring spiritual & material gain to those who kept them. Interestingly, mares were prized over stallions, because during night raids they were less likely to make noise upon smelling other animals.

Like many different types of Arabians, strains were developed by different families & breeders.

Asil Horse


Average height 14.3 hands
Build for speed & stamina they are quick, efficient animals


Short, dished and refined head with small muzzle
Large, expressive eyes
Short curved ears
Short, strong back
Strong, clean legs

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay





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