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Quarter Pony

Country of Origin: USA

Quarter Pony

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The Quarter Pony is essentially a smaller version of the Quarter Horse & stems from animals that didn’t meet the American Quarter Horse Association’s height requirement.

Although the height requirement was later phased out, the development of the Quarter Pony continued and they have become very popular pony mounts in the US. Essentially any stock type pony that is under 14.2 can be registered, although the breed favors those with Quarter Horse blood.


Average height 11.2 – 14.2 hands


Head is short & broad
Ears are small
Eyes are kind & wide set
Neck is medium in length and slightly arched
Chest is deep & broad
Legs are clean
Back is short and powerful
Hooves are rounded with a deep, open heel

Traditional Colors

All colors




Show pony
Riding pony
Equestrian sport

Helpful Links

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Where to Buy

Double D Quarter Ponies

Quarter Pony Studs

Kriad Quarter Pony Stud


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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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