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Gelderland Horse

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Gelderland Horse


Also called the Gelderlander, the Gelderland comes from the Gelderland province in Holland, however they have not been officially bred since the late 1960’s & their lineage was absorbed into the Dutch Warmblood.


This is a breed that comes from the careful breeding of a variety of northern & western European types to native Gelderland mares. The resulting animal proved to be an elegant carriage horse that also had natural jumping talent. All of these traits they have passed along to the Warmblood bloodlines.


Average height 15.2 – 16 hands


Head is long & flat with a straight profile
Eyes are well set & expressive
Neck is shapely, muscular & often arched
Back is straight & long
Tail is high set
Chest is full & deep
Shoulder is sloped & long
Legs are long & strong with broad joints
Hooves are broad & strong

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black | occasional skewbald pinto


Well mannered & high energy
Docile & eager to please

Gelderland Horse


Carriage horse
light agriculture
Riding horse
Show horse

Gelderland Horse Products


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