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Canadian Rustic Pony

Country of Origin: Canada

Canadian Rustic Pony

Image from Kersti_Nebelsiek


The Canadian Rustic Pony is a highly athletic animal that has recently seen an increased interest. They are the first horse breed developed in western Canada.


The bloodlines of this breed come from Arabian, Welsh Mountain Ponies & Tarpan and their physical characteristics show traits of each one. They were developed by Dr. Peter Neifeld of Manitoba who used the blood of the above three breeds to create the rustic.

Relatively new, the Rustic Pony Association wasn’t established until 1989. Until that time they were only found in the Manitoba & Saskatchewan provinces, and since they have become popular in the US as well.


Average height 12.2 – 13.2 hands
Sturdy & hardy
Smooth gaits


Arab type pony
Head has straight or dished profile and small muzzle
Eyes are large, prominent & widely set
Ears are small & pricked
Neck is thick, medium in length & arched
Mane is partly raised
Back is strong & short
Legs are strong with hard feet

Traditional Colors

Usually carry the dun gene and display dorsal stripe & primitive shading
grey | bay


Kind & willing
Easy to care for and train


Show horse
Driving animal
Pleasure horse

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